Tastey Celebration Ale

Name of Beer (ie: Downtown Brown): Celebration Ale

Style of Beer (ie: Ale, Lager, IPA, etc..): Ale

Size of Beer (ie: keg, 12 oz bottle, draft, etc…) : 16 oz draft

This ale was great, it has a bit of hoops that hits you right off the head…but then is able to keep you coming back with a smooth malty finish with its heavier and spicer body. I enjoyed this brew with a chicken fried steak meal where they actually pounded ham into the chicken first…along with this my sierra and I enjoyed mashed potatoes and some lightly steamed veggies…all in all I think is a beer that you won’t drink more then one, its strong, spicey and malty…but as a first beer of the night with a meal sort of thing…it works out better then most!

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