Huber Premium Beer

Name of Beer (ie: Downtown Brown): Huber Premium Beer

Style of Beer (ie: Ale, Lager, IPA, etc..): American Pale Lager

Size of Beer (ie: keg, 12 oz bottle, draft, etc…) : 12 oz bottle

Huber Premium beer is a very pale, straw and yellow beer with a thin white creamy head. At the first glance it looks like Budweiser with more head. A clean tasting, thirst-quenching beer with a mild malty aroma which can give you a delicate hops and very faint fruit. A smooth beer with a nice mellow balance of light fruity malt sweetness, grain flavour and equal hop flavour. The feeling is simple but it does offer the flavor on the outside edges of the tongue which can give you a unique experience. And I think it is good to paired up with some little sweet cakes or pasta.

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