Stone Cali-Belgique IPA

Name of Beer (ie: Downtown Brown): Stone Cali-Belgique IPA

Style of Beer (ie: Ale, Lager, IPA, etc..): Belgian IPA

Size of Beer (ie: keg, 12 oz bottle, draft, etc…) : 22 oz bottle

Stone Cali-Belgique is a clear golden orange with a white head. A very interesting smell that caught you because of the combination of belgian style ale, with a bit of Stone’s pale ale scent. Then comes some of pretty nice floral and citrus hops and a bit of caramel malt coming out also. The taste comes the Belgian yeast that stands out nicely but isn’t crazy over powering. You will taste the banana and clove that is truly nice and also there is some good green apple flavors as well. The caramel malt create a touch of sweetness along with a pretty decent buttery goodness but it is quickly neutralized by peppery spiciness. It was on light after the taste because the brew doesn’t have much stick or oiliness to it. Overall, it is easy to drink, a well rounded and enjoyable.

Stone’s Anniversary Ale…mmm!

Name of Beer (ie: Downtown Brown): Anniversary Ale

Style of Beer (ie: Ale, Lager, IPA, etc..): American Style IPA

Size of Beer (ie: keg, 12 oz bottle, draft, etc…) : 20 oz draft

Anniversary Ale is the most finest raw ingredients and the freshest, most flavorful hops in all award winning of ales and lagers. This beer is a big, full-flavored ale bursting at the seams with fresh, spicy and aromatic hops. This will be the right beer for all anniversary to all occasions. This will be good to pair with assertive aged cheeses such as pedrozzo Dairy’s Northern Gold or Aged Farmstead Cheddar from new York. A perfect match for the spicy dishes from Southeast Asia and India. An orange and barley candy notes of Anniversary Ale accent fine bittersweet chocolates for the perfect dessert.