Shipyard Old Thumper Extra Special Ale

Name of Beer (ie: Downtown Brown): Shipyard Old Thumper Extra Special Ale

Style of Beer (ie: Ale, Lager, IPA, etc..): English Style Ale

Size of Beer (ie: keg, 12 oz bottle, draft, etc…) : 12 oz. Bottle

An old Thumper is an orange color with a thick head formation, good bubbly carbonation and a very buttery nose. The palate is rich and malty with slightly sweet at first, have a lots of mushroom-like and buttery Ringwood Character. The finish is a touch cidery, and becomes increasingly bitter with a hint of mint. The bitterness lingers on the tongue after sipping. A truly classic English style ale and surely you will enjoy. It is good to paired up with cheese and garlic sausages cooked in olive oil with peppers and onions. The side dished of mashed potatoes that will surely a perfect match. The original gravity is slightly higher than normal at 1.060 and the alcohol content at about 5.5%. A mouthful is medium, crisp and refreshing an easy to drink and have this well balanced.